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Mechanical Harvesting Equipment for Novel Crop and Agricultural Product

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United States
For Profit : Small Business
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RedLeaf Biologics is a Kentucky-based agricultural biotechnology company utilizing patented crop genetics to produce high-value phytochemical compounds in red sorghum leaf tissue. Combining these breakthrough genetics with a proprietary extraction process, we produce concentrated botanical extracts with applications in health, wellness, cosmetics, and beyond.
Due to an increasing customer demand for our red sorghum extract, RedLeaf must scale-up both planted acreage and harvesting capability in 2022 and beyond. This year, we intend to plant upwards of 350 acres of RedNatural sorghum in Central Kentucky-a volume that exceeds our current hand-harvesting capability in a strict 6-week harvest window.

In this context, RedLeaf is soliciting proposals for a harvest and processing solution capable of mechanically harvesting, separating, and collecting leaves of our RedNatural sorghum at commercial scale. Specifically, we are seeking both the design and engineering of physical equipment for harvest and biomass processing.

RedLeaf has gone to great lengths to ensure our crop production and harvest process is as farmer-friendly as possible. In conjunction with the need to dramatically scale up production acreage in the next 5 years to meet commercial goals, mechanical harvest methods that utilize existing and/or easily accessible/modifiable equipment are strongly preferred.

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