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The RFPdb Bottom Line

  • Free to register
  • Low ($2) cost per project lead
  • Earn credits by sharing RFPs
  • No subscription fees
  • No commissions
  • Free to upload RFPs for exposure
  • First two project leads are free

Why are we doing this?

We believe in two things:

  1. Giving all businesses new opportunities to grow
  2. Encouraging competitive bidding in the marketplace

We encourage our users to upload projects that they are not bidding on and we reward our users for doing so. Because of our model, The RFP Database is able to offer a steady stream of new projects for everything from accounting and public relations to construction and web development. We keep our costs to a minimum to make projects more accessible to businesses that are interested in them. For users, this translates into a site free of membership fees, free of commissions, and with a low per-project access exchange rate.

How it works

When you register with us, we provide you with 4 credits to get you started. You can then browse our catalog of open project leads. For each project, you will see a short description of the project, the proposal deadline, the location of the project, and the reputation of the person who uploaded the project. If you are interested in reading the full RFP, you can spend 2 credits to be provided with the full description as well as a link to the RFP (or in some cases, the RFP document itself).

Need more credits? You can go to the "Add a RFP" page to upload a RFP. Each qualifying RFP you upload earns you 10 credits! Or, if you prefer to buy credits directly, go to the "Buy Credits" page to purchase them for $1 each. Don't know where to find RFPs to upload? Check your local city or town website - chances are they will have a few currently out for bid!

Get daily personalized alerts on new projects

Our site's search-and-email functionality delivers tailored search alerts to you. For free.

Start one today: Log in and go to the "Advanced Search" page. Run any search using a combination of keywords, categories, and/or locations. On the search results page, you'll see a number of options above the search results. Click on the option that says "send e-mail alerts".

That's it! The search is saved to your profile. On the "manage your searches and alerts" page, you can specify how often you want to see the alert in your inbox and never miss an opportunity again.

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