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The RFP Database is designed to be affordable to everyone; it does not lock you into any long term commitments while providing for maximum opportunities.

For RFP bidders

  1. Unlike most other RFP websites, The RFP Database has no subscription or registration fees.
  2. If you contribute to the The RFP Database you may view other RFPs free of cost.
  3. We publish RFPs from corporations, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and government agencies.
  4. You receive 4 credits for registering.
  5. You may save your searches for more convenient results.
  6. You may have new results for your saved searches sent via e-mail daily and weekly.

For RFP issuers:

The RFP Database (RFPDB) provides the best method for governments, non-profit organizations, and private companies to publicize their Requests for Proposals (RFP), RFQs, RFIs, and other procurement method documentation.

The RFP Database provides:

  1. Unlike most other RFP websites, The RFP Database has no subscription or registration fees.
  2. There is no cost to publicize an RFP.
  3. There are over 154,000 registered providers for services from accounting to web design.
  4. Instant and free publishing to thousands of registered users, many of whom would be interested in your project.
  5. A quick and easy form for uploading your project listing.
  6. An announcement that can link back to your site's information for the project so you don't have information in multiple places.
  7. The ability to utilize your existing procurement system.
  8. Access to your listing after publishing should dates change.
  9. Optimal search engine placement for your project so it will get the attention it deserves.

Some thoughts from previous issuers of Requests for Proposals:

"Your database is a tremendous resource and a great help to us. We received 11 solid proposals. We will certainly use your services in the future."
Town of Irondequoit, NY

"I was not aware that our RFP had ended up at the RFP Database, but I'm happy it did. We are always looking for ways to get our RFPs broadcast as widely as possible and we will be using your site in the future!"
Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

"It was a funny story getting to you as I had said to the staff 'Wouldn't it make sense if there was a place you could post the RFP rather than digging through all of these directories, etc.' One motivated staffer came back after a little research and said &emdash; it exists. With appreciation!"
Sibley Memorial Hospital Foundation

"We were wondering how we gathered proposals from as far as California! Yes, we received 6 proposals in total and that is more than we expected. Thank you!"
Addison County Transit Resources

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