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2023 Spring & Summer Forest Restoration: Tree Planting, Pruning, Brush Saw Site Prep & Release, Spring Browse Protection)

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Minnesota, United States
Download the rfp file: 2023 TNC Spring Summer RFP (1).pdf.

It is the intention of TNC to solicit proposals for a contractor to perform pathological pruning on white pine, tree planting, riparian gap cutting/planting/tree shelters, brush saw site prep, brush saw release, planting and fencing individual trees, planting and placing tree shelters, removing old tree shelters and similar forest restoration tasks. Work will begin as soon as conditions allow (late April). Blister rust pathological pruning and brush saw site prep tasks will be completed first followed by planting tasks. Brush saw release can begin after tree/brush growth begins in June continuing through August. Most sites are within a 60-mile drive from Two Harbors, MN. There are a few sites that are up to 90 miles from Two Harbors.

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