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    1. The Texas Tech University System seeks to a artist to create ** to be ** into the new Ranch Life Center (RLLC). Ideal should incorporate a piece that will enhance and the outdoor s...
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      • Public Art
    2. Rochester Art Center (RoCo) invites artists to propose three images for a public art ************ at our main Through this call for art we aim to offer a simple process for ********* and unique imagery that will enliven the ... New York, United States
      • Creative
      • Public Art
    3.   Notice to All If you have * regarding Broad Agency **** (BAA) or any white paper with , please submit your question(s) in writing to the ACC (APG) RTP Point of Maria D. Nelson, a... North Carolina, United States
      • Creative
      • Writing
    4. The Learners Lab (TLLF) a ********* ** Service Center (TASC), designs & manages a of Programs, and serves as 501c3 Fiscal Sponsor for young and ** mission is to ******** acquire and provide access ... United States
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