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Virtual Court Access Project - Part B: Legal Access Kiosk - Request for Proposal

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Texas, United States

The Virtual Court Access Project ("VCAP") is a project of the Texas Legal Services Center
("TLSC") to design, develop, and deploy Legal Access Kiosks at community centers (public libraries, law libraries, community colleges, etc.) so that low-income Texans can safely and reliably access and attend their online legal hearings.

A Legal Access Kiosk ("LAK") is a station that has all the necessary equipment (computer, web camera, scanner, desk, chair, etc.) and support a user might need to attend a remote hearing, including technical, legal, and practical day of support.

TLSC seeks proposals from a firm skilled in project management, UX, UI, and configuration and deployment of hardware solutions in the field to meet these objectives.

TLSC may seek to contract with selected firm for annual IT maintenance, support and ongoing project management.

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