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Virginia Community Healthcare Association Request for Proposal for Leadership Coaching

Virginia, United States
Education : University

The Virginia Community Healthcare Association (VCHA) has issued a request for proposal to partner with an organization that can provide leadership coaching to participants of VCHA's Community Health Center University (CHCU) Leadership Program to aid in our mission for the Commonwealth of Virginia to have the healthiest population in America.

VCHA's CHCU Leadership Program targets emerging leaders from Community Health Centers (CHCs), Free Health Clinics, and other Safety-Net providers in Virginia. Throughout the 12-month program, participants gain experience through participation in a curriculum that includes both in-person and remote seminars and practical activities. The program offers learning experiences, resources, and support to develop and strengthen leadership skills for emerging leaders. CHCU addresses the demands for developing leaders in healthcare organizations to help support the growth of their organization's operations, succession planning and leadership development.

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