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Updating Pawnee Nation ARMP With Ten-Year Agricultural Planning

Oklahoma, United States
Download the rfp file: ARMP Consultant RFP.docx.

The Pawnee Nation is seeking proposals for an agricultural marketing and planning consultant.
Over the past five years, the Pawnee Nation has invested in agricultural projects to increase our food security, strengthen our food sovereignty, and better manage our tribal lands. As we move forward, we hope to increase our capacity to grow food using economically and environmentally sustainable means, and provide support for tribal citizens in their own agricultural endeavors.
Authorized under American Indian Agricultural Resources Management Act, Congress detailed the process for tribal nations to create Agriculture Resource Management Plans, to direct the Bureau of Indian Affairs in management of Indian agricultural lands and resources in a manner determined by the tribal nation to be in their own self-interest. These agreements are to be updated every ten years, and the Pawnee Nation is currently in the process of evaluating our existing ARMP. We desire to include in our updated ARMP a ten-year plan of agricultural development for the Nation.

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