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Trade and Consumer Agency for Germany

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Download the rfp file: CWC Germany RFP.pdf.

The California Walnut Commission, headquartered in Folsom, California, is soliciting agencies through its RFP process to conduct trade and consumer activities on behalf of the California Walnut Industry in Germany. These activities are designed to increase awareness and utilization of walnuts by commercial users as well as consumers.

Agencies are invited to submit proposals on one or both of these RFPs with the understanding that if they are selected, they will work collaboratively with another agency if separate agencies are selected for the trade and consumer related needs. Interested parties may bid on the Public Relations, Advertising and/or Trade Representation components individually or combined. Companies, primary agency representatives proposed for the CWC's account, and/or individuals submitting proposals must have prior experience working with agricultural commodity groups and/or generic (non-branded) entities in the food and beverage sector to be considered.

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