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Territorial Transmission Reconductor

Oregon, United States
Government : Municipal
Download the rfp file: 2-21 LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT.docx.


RFP No. 2-21
Transmission Reconductor
Territorial and Krugur Park Roads, Elmira Oregon

Emerald People's Utility District (EPUD) requests a qualified company to reconductor a transmission line on Territorial Road from Warthen Road to Krugur Park Road and complete upgrades to 115kV construction; reconductor a portion of the distribution underbuild from Clear Lake Road to Krugur Park Road; complete a new transmission/distribution pole line on Krugur Park Road from Territorial Road to Clear Lake Road; and remove the existing transmission pole line on the same road.

Proposals shall be submitted to Cassie Stavros, Purchasing Agent, before, 2:00 PM PT on 12/2/2021 and delivered according to the submission instructions contained in Section 1 - Instructions to Proposers of this solicitation. Proposals will be opened immediately thereafter and recorded. EPUD is not responsible for proposals submitted in any manner, format or to any delivery point other than as required by the Solicitation Document. Proposals will not be accepted after this hour and date.

RFP documents may be obtained from the Purchasing Agent by email,, to request the documents.

EPUD reserves the right to waive any or all informalities and irregularities; may cancel the Request for Proposals; and may reject any or all proposals pursuant to ORS 279A, 279B, or EPUD purchasing policy.

Date: 11/8/2021

Cassie Stavros
Purchasing Agent

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