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Through this Request for Proposal (RFP), Special Olympics will identify a public relations expert that will aid in the development of their Global Thought Leader Campaign to target cultural, political, and academic thought leaders with Special Olympics' message of inclusion. The entity will aid in securing placements at key convenings for campaign spokespeople, as well as in publications for co-created deliverables between Special Olympics and their thought leader partners gained through this campaign. This entity will work at the direction of Special Olympics, which will be guided by the strategy created by the strategic communications firm that is engaged to drive strategy of messaging and networking to target thought leaders. Through this strategy, Special Olympics will acquire thought leader partners that will together form a network from around the world that Special Olympics can call on to deliver their message and impact to new, influential audiences worldwide. Once a partner, the thought leader and Special Olympics will co-create deliverables as determined by the strategy created by the communications firm. These deliverables will be different for different partners. For example, an academic thought leader might co-author an Op-Ed with Special Olympics, while a cultural influencer co-hosts a social media activation. These deliverables should be tailored to thought leaders' audiences, so that Special Olympics can leverage their audience to build its own. These deliverables will also build Special Olympics' own reputation as a thought leader. Additional entities will be engaged to compose the content of such deliverables.

The aim of the Global Thought Leader Campaign is to engage thought leaders from all over the world with messaging that compels them to use their respective platforms to influence those in their networks to embrace the Special Olympics' call to include. The call to include will be made through opportunities to promote and enact Special Olympics' global policy agenda for inclusion. Importantly, the policy agenda will create the conditions in schools and communities for Special Olympics programming models, such as Unified Schools. Special Olympics' programming is built on a theory of change, recognizing that experiential learning among youth can drive acts of inclusion at the grassroots level. This theory of change is so powerful that it is worth repeating. The power of sport provides a forum to bring together youth with and without intellectual disability (ID) to share in the joy of winning, the disappointment of losing, and the satisfaction of doing one's best. Convincing thought leaders globally that this message is true and deserves their action and promotion will create the conditions needed to ensure influencers and decision-makers around the world enact our global policy agenda for inclusion.

Responses to this RFP are due 17 December 2021 by 11:59 PM ET to Haylie Wrubel at AND Jackie Jodl at

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