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Request for Proposal-InMarket Representative in Mexico

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Food Export Association of the Midwest USA and Food Export USA Northeast are non-profit, export associations whose primary function is to develop export markets for U.S. producers and processors of value-added food, agricultural and seafood products. These two organizations have been engaged in a strategic alliance since April of 2000. Through this alliance, the strategy and tactics of the organizations have been aligned so that the activities and services of each group are very similar with differences based primarily on geographic focus.

Food Export - Midwest and Food Export - Northeast are seeking one or more individuals/companies to be their In-Market Representative and assist in the execution of all responsibilities pursuant to their market development activities for value added food, agricultural and northeastern seafood products in the Mexican market.

Please find attached a copy of the Request for Proposal. If interested, please provide a proposal for the attached RFP, include a fee for each of the services listed. Previous experience with value-added food and seafood products is strongly desired. The selected In-Market Representative(s) will be responsible for the aforementioned activities during our 2024 Program Year from January 1 to December 31, 2024. After reviewing this request, please respond whether you are interested in submitting a proposal.

The deadline for all proposals is noon ET, Friday, September 29, 2023.

Any questions related to this Request for Proposals should be directed to Teresa Miller, Chief Programs and Partnerships Officer at

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