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Request for Proposal (RFP) Land Appraisal Services

Washington, United States
Download the rfp file: RFP Land Appraisal Services.pdf.

We are seeking the services from a qualified and licensed appraiser to perform land appraisals of five (5) parcels of land located in Pacific County, Washington.
Proposals that reflect experience working with Native American tribes with proven abilities in the areas of appraisal services will be the most competitive.
The successful proposer will demonstrate, on the part of the lead planner, knowledge and experience in tribal/local/regional/ and state levels of appraising.
The Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe reserves the right to waive any informality in the proposal process and will award the contract(s) based upon the qualifications and experience of an Appraisal firm that best meets the type of work necessary and that are deemed to be in the best interest of the tribe.

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