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Ombudsperson for Conflict Resolution

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United States

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is seeking an experienced independent contractor to serve as an Ombudsperson to assist the organization with managing complaints and conflict arising in work and membership spaces. The Ombudsperson will be an independent and impartial voice in internal dispute resolution. This person will receive and investigate complaints, mediate between parties, provide recommendations for resolution, and provide reports related to the monitoring and completion of interventions.

NLG is prepared to offer a contract for services to an individual who can effectively resolve conflicts, and work to reconcile harm for its members, governing bodies (National Executive Committee and Executive Council), staff, and membership bodies (National Committees and chapters). An effective Ombudsperson may draw on knowledge of conflict resolution, restorative justice, transformative justice, healing justice, and other strategies that involve proven, confidential, and effective problem-solving frameworks where parties in a dispute voluntarily work together under the guidance of a trained mediator to reach a solution in ways that promote mutual respect, common goals, and a desire to work to keep relationships intact. We are seeking an Ombudsperson who is aligned with NLG's anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist principles, as well as our mission of supporting people and the planet over property and profit.

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