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New Website for the Center for European Policy Analysis

District Of Columbia, United States
Download the rfp file: Website RFP CEPA.docx.

The Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) is seeking to build a new website to better represent its identity and effectively host its diverse content streams including of videos, analysis, and reports. While maintaining and improving our current body of work for a new website, we also seek to implement new tools and strategies to reach beyond existing audiences and create a flexible platform for future content and needs.

We seek to build a new website within this framework to better present and distribute our research, events, and the ideas of CEPA.


CEPA is seeking to work with a firm that brings innovative thinking, vision, and design to the field of non-profit websites, and that has significant experience developing successful content-focused websites.

With your help, we seek to create a flexible web platform that is able to present a variety of content, written pieces, video streams, interactive features, podcasts, to mention some. In addition to this, we seek further integration between our website, Salesforce CRM, Pardot email distribution service, CEPA social media, and improved search engine optimization.

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