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Integration of Existing Energy Management System with Distributed Energy Resources

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United States
Download the rfp file: MCAS_EMS_P2_RFP (1).pdf.

US Ignite is seeking proposals to wirelessly integrate the Energy Management System ("EMS") that is currently in place at the Energy and Water Operations Center ("EWOC") at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar with distributed energy resources ("DER") including photovoltaic array inverters and backup generators located across the station.

This project is part of the Energy Communications Program under the 5G Living Lab ("5GLL"). The objective of the project will provide EWOC with the capability to remotely monitor and control DER across the station, improving their ability to assess their situation and respond accordingly during outages and other events. The objective of the project is also to demonstrate a use case of the Verizon 4G LTE/ 5G Ultra-Wideband ("UWB") network in place under the 5GLL at the station.

If successful, technologies demonstrated during this pilot will have the opportunity to be promoted and scaled to other DoD installations during and after completion of the pilot.

The selected proposer will be responsible for completing the scope of services defined in the documents below.

Documents for this RFP:
Request for Proposal (RFP) Integration of Existing Energy Management System (EMS) with Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
Appendix A- Supporting Documentation
Appendix B- Cost Proposal
Appendix C- Insurance Requirements
The Period of Performance of the Project is expected from April 1, 2022 through September 1, 2022. A total of $300,000 is available under this RFP. Multiple awards may be granted to multiple vendors under this RFP through firm-fixed price contracts.

Solicitation Responses
Questions and Answers
All clarification questions must be submitted by Feb 4, 2022 no later than 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). US Ignite will endeavor to respond to all parties no later than Feb 11, 2022 8:00 PM EDT.

All proposals must be submitted by March 1, 2022 no later than 8:00 PM EDT. Proposals (and questions) should be submitted via email to Proposal requirements and scoring criteria can be found in the RFP Documents listed above.

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