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CWMD 5-Year Research and Development (R&D) Open Broad Agency Announcement (OBAA) 70RDND19R00000003 and Topic Solicitation 1 70RDND19R00000004

District Of Columbia, United States
Government : Homeland Security
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This ******** and ********* Open Broad Agency Announcement (OBAA) is being posted by the ********** of Security (DHS), Office of ********** (OPO) to support the Countering Weapons of Mass *********** (CWMD) Office R&D This is a 5-year OBAA that will be utilized for the purpose of ******** through Topic Solicitations to engage industry and encourage innovative ******** and ideas that will help to identify, explore, and demonstrate new technologies and capabilities. These ideas will assist CWMD and stakeholder efforts to prevent, protect against, respond to, and mitigate nuclear, chemical, radiological, and biological threats and incidents. This OBAA provides DHS an acquisition tool having the flexibility to solicit pitch papers and proposals, and then follow-up with awards that are determined to be innovative solutions to the countering of Weapons of Mass *********** (WMD), as ever-changing urgent operational issues and capability gaps are identified. The R&D Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) for this OBAA are dependent on the specific CWMD threat being addressed. For chemical/biological/radiological/nuclear threats, TRL 1-7 will be encompassed.

The OBAA will remain "open" for 5 years; however, pitch papers and proposals will only be solicited and accepted during Topic Solicitations. These Topic Solicitations will be posted periodically throughout the 5-year OBAA period as amendments to the OBAA and will provide the details of the Topic Solicitation, i.e...

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