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BrightSpring Health Services - Payor Portal Services RFP

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United States
For Profit

The objective of this RFP is to solicit proposals from established companies which offer solutions for managing user access credentials for multiple payor portals. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, ResCare, Inc. DBA BrightSpring Health Services is the largest diversified home and community-based health and human services provider in the U.S. BrightSpring has over 40 years of experience caring for "must-serve" client and patient populations characterized by significant needs, multiple conditions, complexity, high costs, and enduring challenges that are rest-of-life in nature. The company provides care to approximately 60,000 individuals each day across 42 states, with a mission to help people live their best life. This Payor Portal Services system will provide BrightSpring Health Services with the ability to easily manage access credentials across a broad spectrum of payor platforms, reducing the time and effort spent on portal access management. The system will need to ensure data security of access credentials, maintaining control of payor site access as required for HIPAA compliance; avoid the loss of access through logouts due to credential issues; and provide continuity of operations in the face of user turnover.

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