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ArtsBloom 2024 RFP: Arts Education, Literary Arts, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts

New York, United States
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ArtsBloom is the City's non-capital art competition funded through the Percent for the Arts program,
one of several programs through which the City invests in arts and culture in Rochester. More
information on the City's various arts and culture initiatives, including those dedicated to capital art
(permanent physical installations) can be found at
ArtsBloom's goals are to enrich and expand the experience of public art for all Rochesterians by reaching
historically underserved residents of the city, and increasing economic opportunities for local artists and
small arts organizations in Rochester. These goals are aligned with the City's vision for a more dynamic
and equitable city of the arts and for the arts. They are also aligned with several goals and strategies of
the Arts & Culture section of the Rochester 2034 Comprehensive Plan.
In the 2024 round of ArtsBloom, a total of $170,000 will fund diverse arts programming and projects
that benefit the Rochester community. The concept for ArtsBloom was developed in partnership with an
advisory panel of local artists and members of the arts community called the Arts and Creative
Community Committee (AC3
Note that this year, an emphasis of ArtsBloom will be placed on Rochester youth and bonus points will
be awarded to p

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